If there's one thing we know about spring, it's that other then the weather starting to (hopefully) warm up, it's that TBaytel will be offering a new promotional plan. This year's 2014 Spring Mobility sneak peek includes 3 plans geared to different types of mobility customers. While we can't boast about all the details of the plans, we can say that there will be something for everyone.


The first plan, the 2014 Spring Mobility Voice/Text plan has a limited amount of daytime nationwide minutes, along with added features such as Call Display, Voicemail, Call forwarding, Unlimited Texting and 100 US sent texts. While this plan is the cheaper of the 3 new plans, it can only be added to Smarphone Lite, cell phones and customer owned devices.  Also keep in mind that no data features can be added to this plan.


The second plan, the 2014 Spring Mobility 1GB Flex plan is a step up from the Voice/Text plan. It has Unlimited Canadian calling, with all the add on features (Call Display, Voicemail, Call forwarding, Unlimited Texting and 100 US sent texts) and a 1GB Flex plan for data. The Data Flex plans are great for people who use varying amounts of data each month. This second plan can be used on all Smartphones (or Smartphone Lite or cell phones), but excludes older Blackberry models that don't run on Blackberry 10 OS7.


The third plan, the 2014 Spring Mobility 6GB plan is reminiscent of last years' original Spring Mobility plans. Unlimited Canadian and US calling (as long as the call originates in Canada),  basic add on features (the texting is worldwide texts sent from Canada) with a straight 6GB of data to complete the plan.  This plan can be used on any Smartphone, Smartphone Lite or cell phone with no exclusions.


Along with the new 2014 Spring Mobility plans, starting on March 2nd, there will be new pricing on some devices, including the iPhone 5C 16gb, iPhone 5S 16GB and 32GB, Blackberry Q10, Z10 and Z30, and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4 and S4 mini. Note that device prices can change in the duration of the promotion.


Tbaytel's terms and conditions do apply for the promo plans, so come on in to the store to find out more!