Terms and Coditions

Oshtugon stores customer account information in an online database (the "Customer Database"). Oshtugon has access to the Customer Database for the purpose of accessing a customer's account information, including his/her;

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email address

The access to the Customer Database is being given by Tbaytel to you on the following basis, and in return for being allowed access to the Customer Database, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. You have authorization from the customer to access his/her Customer Information.
  2. You agree to only access the Customer Information you have been authorized to and will not access any other clients Customer Information in the Customer Database without prior authorization.
  3. You have verified the customer's identification by inspecting a minimum of two (2) pieces of identification, with a minimum of one being photo identification, and a minimum of one being signed identification.
  4. You are accessing the Customer Database so you can perform a Customer Service Request.
  5. You shall not use or copy the Customer Information for any purpose other than performing a Customer Service Request.
  6. You release Tbaytel of any claims or liability whatsoever by reason of any errors or omissions in the Customer Information.
  7. You are responsible to satisfy yourself if the Customer Information is accurate and appropriate for your purposes and cannot rely in any way on Tbaytel or otherwise.
  8. You waive any right to rely on the accuracy of the Customer Information, and agree that you are using the customer database at your own risk and without any warranty or representation by Tbaytel as to the accuracy or suitability of the Customer Information for your purposes.
  9. You acknowledge that you are accessing Confidential Information and agree you will use the information only for the purpose of performing a Customer Service Request.
  10. You will not provide copies to nor allow anyone else access to the Customer Information without the prior written consent of Tbaytel.
  11. You shall indemnify and save harmless Tbaytel (including without limitation, its partners, officers, employees, agents, representatives and independent contractors) from any claims made by anyone by reason of your access to or use of the Customer Information, and this indemnity shall include any costs, damages or claims whatsoever.

You agree to the above terms and conditions.